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What is Educational Therapy & what can it do?


Educational therapy can give hope!

Educational therapy  offers hope to students who struggle to learn because it helps them improve thinking and perception so that they can carry their academic work load more successfully.  Educational therapy is different than tutoring and  provides a deeper level of intervention.  Focus is placed upon identifying, targeting, and strengthening a student's vulnerable learning skills in order that the student can become  more competent  and confident. 

Have you ever noticed any of the following struggles? 


  • The student works hard, but still brings home low grades. 
  • The student's reading, writing, spelling, or math is slow and requires great effort. 
  • The student's school work or homework is often incomplete  or done inaccurately. 
  • The student's illegible handwriting or poor spelling makes papers difficult to read and understand.
  • The student puts off doing their homework or needs their parents'  supervision when doing assignments.
  • The student has difficulty organizing their belongings, including school papers and materials. 
  • The student has difficulty  communicating what they know or finding the words they want to use. 
  • The student does not seem to listen carefully or has trouble following directions. 
  • The student voices or demonstrates emotional frustration when it is time to do academic work. 
  • The student seems to know a concept one day and the next does not. 

The student who demonstrates some of these behaviors may benefit from educational therapy. 


Educational therapy can help individuals with their unique learning needs!

Students who experience frustration in school may begin to wonder why they are not as smart as their peers or why learning takes them so long.  Their learning needs may be unique compared to others in their class and the student may not have the tools they need to improve without help. 

When a student enters into educational therapy, their educational therapist  chooses appropriate learning techniques which are designed to  help target and strengthen the individual's areas of need.


Educational therapy can prepare students to become successful and independent learners!

 Educational therapists can teach students how to  learn, select,  and execute strategies which accomplish a task  accurately and more efficiently than they may have been able to do before.  The student may become a better reader or writer or be able to problem solve more effectively. They may be able to initiate tasks more easily and experience less frustration in school.  When students  strengthen vulnerable thinking and perceptual skills, this  helps them improve academic progress. The main goal of educational therapy is for students to become more confident and successful life-long learners. 

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Training & Professional Growth

Training & Professional Growth

Kim Ramirez began her career in education when she received a bachelor's degree in Education with a minor in Special Education. After working as a classroom teacher and  educational therapist in a private school, Kim opened a private practice offering educational services in 2003.  She went on to earn a Master's degree in Exceptional Student Education with a concentration in Educational Therapy and a Master's degree in Reading Education.  Kim has enjoyed working with students in grades K-12 in educational therapy over the past 19 years. 


Training & Professional Growth

Training & Professional Growth

Training & Professional Growth

Kim received educational therapy training through the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD) from 2001 through 2003.  She maintains professional certification and licensure through NILD and regularly participates in professional development training. Kim enjoys attending a variety of webinars and  regional conference in order to improve her ability to help her students and to offer resources for parents and teachers in her community. 


Home & Family

Training & Professional Growth

Home & Family

When Kim is not working with clients, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. Her favorite weekend activity is dining out with  family and making handmade cards or gifts at home. In addition to her educational background, Kim majored in Music in her undergraduate work. She enjoys singing and listening to a variety of music. 

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There is hope!

I understand that each student's situation and needs are unique to them. If you are looking for ways to help your child who is struggling in school, contact me to learn more about educational therapy. 

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